Toilet Installation and Repair

Toilet Installations

A.J. LeBlanc Plumbing offers professional installation services for all types of toilets, from smart models to bidehs. Our experienced plumbers are well-equipped to take care of your plumbing needs and are knowledgeable about the special considerations that come with installing a smart toilet. At A.J. LeBlanc Plumbing, we guarantee you peace of mind knowing that your new toilet is installed correctly with quality technical support before, during, and after the job is completed. Get in touch today to resolve any issues or have your new toilet professionally installed!

Toilet Installations

A.J. LeBlanc Heating sells, installs and services all toilets. Whether your updating your bathroom, switching to comfort height or if you just require toilet service A.J. LeBlanc Heating's master plumbers are here to help. A.J. LeBlanc Heating's master plumbers will also install homeowner supplied toilets. Call our plumbing department today for a free toilet installation estimate or to schedule toilet repair.

Toilet Services

  • Toilet float arm repair and replacement
  • Toilet washer repair and replacement
  • Toilet wax ring replacement
  • Toilet flapper repair and replacement
  • Toilet fill tube repair and replacement
  • Toilet flush valve repair and replacement
  • Toilet handle repair and replacement
  • Toilet handle arm repair and replacement
  • Toilet chain repair and replacement

A.J. LeBlanc Toilet Images

Our Toilet Installations

Toilet Installation

Kohler toilet plumbing installation in NH

Toilet Repair

Toilet replacement and repair

Skirted Toilet

Skirted Kohler toilet with herringbone tile floor

Toilet Replacement

Powder room toilet with board and batten wall

New Construction

Kohler toilet with subway tile shower

Toilet Service

New toilet and tub / shower installation

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